News » Waking Dream at Israel Museum Jerusalem 16 Aug - 05 Sep 2012


Israel Museum Jerusalem 16 Aug - 05 Sep 2012

Waking dream will be showing as part of “720°" and will be installed for three weeks in the Israel Museum‘s Art Garden, side-by-side with works by Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, and Micha Ullman.

Originally comisioned and developed  as part of the Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse

Waking Dream is a 360° audio visual experience exploring fleeting moments of intensely surreal dreams, when lulled to sleep in transit.

Bringing together theatre, dance and digital animation, Waking Dream takes us on a disorienting journey through the subconscious of a sleeping commuter.
SDNA makes full use of Ron Arard's unique 360°installation with 3D animation and zoetrope like film sequences.

"Digital studio SDNA have engaged with the possibilities of a 360-degree screen as well as the original function of the Roundhouse as a railway engine shed, to create a work based around the surreal dream of a commuter who has nodded off in transit. Featuring multiples of figures dressed in smart office garb and choreographed to a rhythmical soundtrack reminiscent of rumbling trains, it's visually and aurally gripping.", Time Out

Directed by Valentina Floris and Ben Foot
Soundtrack by Takatsuna Mukai
3D animation Zsolt Balogh
Stylist Anya Kamarek
Performers Nina Fog, Zoe Jones, Marcin Rudy and Katarzyna Witek.

Waking Dream will be shown every day toghether with work by    Mat Collishaw, Ori Gersht,Christian Marclay and David Shrigley.

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SDNA were also commissioned to advise and help create work with Gabriel & Shira Klasmer, Christian Marclay, Javier Mariscal and students from the Royal College Of Art.